Sexual Health and Relapse Prevention

 Pierceton Woods Academy is a QRTP Certified facility and is accredited through Council on Accreditation (COA).

5 Stages to help youth grow

  • The Sexual Health and Relapse Prevention Program (SHARP) is a 5 -stage program that works with young men ages 13 – 21 with sexually maladaptive behaviors. 
  • Treatment is multi-faceted including individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy (when appropriate), along with guided workbooks to help youth process what they’re learning. 
  • The primary focus in SHARP is discussing sexual behaviors, what healthy sexuality looks like and what is appropriate. 
  • Other focus areas in this program include education needs, trauma, lack of independent living skills, substance abuse, delinquent behaviors, family relationship issues, depression, anger, anxiety, and authority. 

How to Enroll A Student


Identify Your Student's Needs

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